5 Hour Class

Informative 5 hour class

The NYS DMV requires all applicants for drivers License to attend the DMV Authorized
5 hour Pre-licensing class. The class is available every Saturday here at the Broadway,to attend you must have your learners permit. Registration is quick and easy, just bring in your learners permit and $50 by 11:30 am Saturday morning, a written test is given after the class and a certificate is  issued the same day, these classes are given every Saturday except the last Saturday of the  month on which the 6 Hour Points And Insurance Reduction Class is given.

  • Certificate Is Issued On The Same Day.
  • Class Is More Like An Informative Rap & Concept Session then a boring lecture.
  • The Road Test Appointment Can Be Scheduled immediately after the Class.
  • The 5 Hour Class Is Free In All Packages of 8 sessions or more.
  • Learn how the laws of physics apply to your driving.

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Drivng Lessons

College Trained NYS Driving Instructors


In-Car Concepts

Our College Trained NYS Driving Instructors are experience veteran’s at handling all levels of your driving experience, from Beginners who have never touched a car, to experienced drivers who are looking to just sharpen their skills.Here you will not only learn to pass the Road Test, but gain the skills necessary to drive in any road conditions you come across.

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Auto Insurance

Insurance Services

Getting And Keeping Insurance Policies is not a laughing matter

Paying bills each month is not comical as advertisements show.

Insurance is a cornerstone of your financial security whether you need or if you have Insurance
you will find that the correct information can save you hundreds of dollars and hours of time.
With 26 years of experienced our License Insurance Broker and informative Customer Service Reps
will help guide you through the Insurance system, so you will be able to get the most
for your dollar.and the peace of mind that comes with basic knowledge of the system.

Come in or call to get an instant quote and information.

Sometimes searching for auto insurance can be a confusing, frustrating and time consuming task without an auto insurance broker, agent or some kind of professional helping you with the process. You take the time to contact several auto insurance companies and agents often discovering that several companies offering the exact same coverage will quote you different rates. So how can you be sure that you’re getting the best deal when shopping for a new policy? You could make several calls to different auto insurance companies to get quotes, but you could save valuable time and money by utilizing the services of an auto insurance broker.

Benefits Of Working With
An Auto Insurance Broker

An auto insurance broker can get you some of the best rates available for you. A broker will provide you with quotes from several different auto insurance carriers.

They use specialized software to enter your personal information into a system to receive instant rates from all of the companies your broker represents. Many brokers represent several auto insurance companies which give you the opportunity to get the best deal available.

Some of the main reasons to consider using an auto insurance broker for your needs are:

  • Brokers work with a variety of different companies that you can select from.
  • You will receive personalized service, and can meet with a broker in person to discuss any policy issues.
  • You can keep your broker and switch insurance companies if you are ever unsatisfied for any reason.
  • You will experience a shorter waiting time when calling the office.
  • You are able to make your payments directly at the broker’s office location, as well as picking up or dropping off any documents.
  • Same Day Auto Insurance Policies and Insurance cards.
  • Professional Advice and Experienced Guidance.
  • Get Your Insurance Headaches Solved.
  • Registration & Plates in 24 Hours.
  • Commercial/Business/Home Policies.
  • Fast Quotes and services.
  • Submission To The Voluntary Market(New Hampshire Plan)

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